Application of the hottest polyethylene wax powder

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The application of polyethylene wax powder in paint and ink

the performance of polyethylene wax

1, and the good matting property

is applied in matting coatings. Its dosage plays an effective matting role within the same range of silica dosage. Extinction energy instantaneous measurement and recording material ABC column is one of the most frequently contacted exterior parts in driving and riding use. The size of the characteristic curve action during the impact process depends on the particle fineness of the dispersed polyethylene wax and the ability to migrate to the surface of the paint film

as a matting agent, it has the following outstanding advantages: excellent transparency, smoothness, soft appearance, chemical inertia, non precipitation, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and stain resistance

its comprehensive performance is far beyond that of other matting agents

polyethylene wax as a matting agent is commonly used in: 1. Nitrocellulose varnish; 2. Acid cured varnish; 3. Polyurethane varnish; 4. High quality flat varnish is prepared from polyester varnish

2, scratch resistance, wear resistance, polishing resistance and marking resistance

one factor to improve the friction resistance and scratch resistance is to reduce the friction coefficient of the coating surface, so that when the object contacts the coating surface, the sliding tendency is greater than the scratch tendency. In this regard, the role of polyethylene wax is similar to that of silicone oil, but the difference is that the former exists on the coating surface in the form of fine dispersed particles

only a small amount is needed to achieve scratch resistance

scratch resistance is especially important for high-grade wood paint and other decorative coatings. Shandong Star High Tech reminds users that polyethylene wax can greatly reduce the tendency of being polished due to friction by adding it to the coating, and maintain the durability of low gloss, which is often needed in application. For example, in alkyd varnish, when the amount of polyethylene wax is 1.5%, the anti-wear value of the film is doubled, but when the amount is 3%, the anti-wear value is increased by 5 times

when metal objects contact coated products, they sometimes leave black marks on the film. Adding polyethylene wax to the film can reduce this tendency or make the marks easy to wipe off

Promoting the transformation and upgrading of EPS materials in China

the use of micro powder wax in printing inks can significantly improve the wear resistance of inks

3, anti adhesion

some workpieces, such as wood or metal objects, often need to be stacked up in a short time after coating. The progress of printing technology also requires the ink to avoid the rubbing of printed matter

polyethylene wax can prevent adhesion and rubbing caused by accumulated overlap of production or printing materials

4, anti sedimentation, anti sagging and thixotropic. Orientation to metallic pigments

polyethylene wax is dispersed in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, which can increase the precipitation resistance of coatings and inks. It also shows thixotropy, sagging resistance and positioning to metal pigments to varying degrees

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