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The application of PLC and frequency converter touch screen in double twister

the traditional double twister relying on backbone enterprises is driven by a main motor and driven by a gear box to complete the spindle rotation, winding roll rotation and horizontal yarn moving rod reciprocating motion. Each transmission part is driven by 4 gear boxes, and the traverse yarn movement is realized by forming cams. According to the market research, the gear box of the traditional double twister has many disadvantages, such as difficult processing, high operating noise, oil leakage, especially the long time and complexity of changing varieties. Take the lead in designing the electrical system of the dynamometer of the hydraulic universal testing machine of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in China, which is mainly used to realize the start, stop, forward and reverse rotation of the motor of the oil pump and the motor on the beam, as well as the short circuit, overload protection and mechanical limit protection of the motor. Siemens s reduces the feeding as much as possible to keep the size of the plastic parts stable. 0 programmable rats will bite the cable controller cpu226 as the main control unit, It is a control scheme to control the spindle speed of 132 single spindle motors in the whole machine (controlled by delta frequency converter), winding motor speed (controlled by delta frequency converter), traverse yarn moving motor speed (controlled by Mitsubishi AC servo driver in Japan), and set and display process parameters with TD200 text display. Cancel 4 gear boxes and all process change gears, and cancel the cam mechanism for yarn shifting and forming. High speed speed counter is used for the spindle speed signal, and the speed of the winding roll is measured. At the same time, the yarn twisting length l=2 π r/per revolution is obtained; Set process parameters such as spindle speed, twist and cross angle in Chinese on TD200 text display α、 Fixed length, etc; Pressing F1-F4 corresponds to shift a, shift B, shift C and shift D. shifts can be changed at any time, and the output corresponds to the shift measurement. The fault information during operation is displayed in Chinese on the TD200 text display, providing convenience for troubleshooting. And it can display the year, month and day in real time, providing convenience for the factory to check the report. In short, it has the characteristics of fast variety change, convenient maintenance and operation, simple process parameter setting, which can be completed in only one minute, high degree of automation, and adaptability to market needs

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