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Powerlink applications in the packaging industry

machines can even be configured at run time. That is, when the driver is running, the operator can reconfigure an electronic gear function relative to another driver for this operation

the packaging industry continues to introduce new methods to protect, preserve and provide high-quality food and consumables. For this reason, this industrial field is always at the forefront with its most modern machine and system concepts. This matches the fact that automation structures and components require the highest performance. New control concepts often arise in the packaging industry, which indirectly affects many other industrial industries. Packaging companies that are now no longer in doubt soon made contact with Ethernet Powerlink. With this proven real-time Ethernet solution, the high requirements of the packaging industry have been ideally met

axis synchronization can be performed in real time

from this article, we can see how perfect Ethernet Powerlink is in practical applications, for example, by observing the leading manufacturers of thin film welding machines. Lemo Machinery Co., Ltd., which belongs to jagenburg company, has developed and manufactured systems for the production of various plastic bags. This machine is manufactured and distributed as the current trend of thin film technology

one of Lemo's recent innovations is the dkt/ct packaging system, which has 19 positioning shafts for welding plastic carrying bags of various formats. These shafts are connected via Ethernet Powerlink and are functionally coupled with electronic cam profiling and gears. Cycle 800 μ s. Accuracy higher than 1 μ s。 All drives must also operate at different clock rates in perfect harmony. This requires all servo motors to achieve the highest degree of synchronization, angular accuracy and speed stiffness

the weight of the development department responsible for the electrical structure can be reduced by 9%? Baldack, Describe why they decided to choose Powerlink: "we require extraordinary stability and extremely high data transmission speed, which may ensure the highest film quality and extremely fast data exchange in the whole system.

the tube head produces 120 tubes per minute.

most importantly, the axis synchronization can be carried out in real time. Dieter baudak said this: "The machine can even be configured at run time. In other words, when the drive is running, the drive can be reconfigured by the operator with an electronic gear function relative to another drive for this operation." The speed of all motors is controlled synchronously. In this way, the production speed can be adjusted. "When dealing with plastic films, it is absolutely important that the material transport of all drives takes place at the same time and uniformly. This is the only way to ensure that the film is not affected and that excessive stretching or compression does not occur," baudak said Now, the dkt/ct of Lemo has been successfully introduced to the world market

Tetra Pak will use Ethernet Powerlink

to link the new HPM pipe head machine with KMK machine company (located in Switzerland) in the future when it further develops the existing generation of packaging machines. KMK machine company (located in Switzerland) is part of hiss global company, which is a global manufacturing group that produces special machines for the packaging industry. KMK develops and produces machines for manufacturing plastic and laminated pipes. One of their main specialties is the compression molding pipe head of polymer (PE and others), which is connected with the pipe body at the same time to produce the final pipe. This patented step allows the tube to be produced in an efficient manner with high returns

Tetra Pak's innovation has entered the packaging market of liquid food and beverage.

flexible machines are used to produce plastic bags, maintaining Lemo's leading position in the market.

ethernet Powerlink is used in KMK machine company to connect the new HPM pipe head machines. "The dynamic requirements of the system are no longer handled by the fieldbus," said Julius, project manager and Research Engineer of the Electronics Department of KMK machinery company? Laurie explained. "At 800 μ S, we are on the safe side. Low requirements for cables, use standard products in the IT world, ensure modular expansion capability, and reduce maintenance and service workload. Wiring in the machine room is also minimized. "With this network, up to 15 drives and four i/o stations are synchronized in the final stage.

connecting machines within the engineering network is also discussed. Ethernet Powerlink is Internet based and has allowed communication at all levels of the factory. Once HPM is used worldwide, it will require effective maintenance and service concepts. Problem free electronic services via Internet or modem can guarantee the arrival of drives using the Ethernet protocol Actuator level and i/o level. Automation components can be clearly and easily monitored and programmed with any interface and anywhere in the world, as if the technician were next to the machine

not just packaging

since 1952, Tetra Pak has focused on the packaging of liquid food and beverage. Today, by their own definition, companies focus on "more than just packaging". Tetra Pak develops effective processes and modern designs and, if required, handles hundreds of different types of complete filling systems - from cartons to plastic bottles. Tetra Pak's success is based on their creative ability to recall the curve after the experiment. Tetra Pak's research and development department, located in Lund, Sweden, is an independent entity of Tetra Pak, responsible for future market trends and advantages of technological progress to ensure advantages

in the middle of the structure selection stage for future strategically important machine platforms, Tetra Pak's R & D department discovered B R and Ethernet Powerlink. The accuracy and performance of the system soon convinced Tetra Pak's team and wanted to learn more about this technology. Together with the engineers of B & R, we thoroughly tested Eth and rnet Powerlink on a very demanding test platform with 50 axes and 2000 i/o points. Finally, the network not only meets the current requirements, but also leaves room for future development

the selection step is the beginning of close cooperation between Tetra Pak in Lund and B R. This cooperation greatly influenced the future machine concept, and was immediately reflected in Tetra Pak's new future oriented packaging system

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