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The application of powder liquid mixer and high shear disperser in the battery industry

lithium ion batteries with excellent performance cannot be separated from advanced production processes and manufacturing equipment, such as battery slurry dispersion equipment, coating equipment, etc., in which the uniform dispersion of battery slurry is the key to the production of excellent lithium batteries, with an increase of 2.8 times and 3 times respectively year-on-year

at present, the traditional battery slurry production equipment is the intermittent planetary mixer mixing device, which has its relative defects, as follows:

1 Batch dispersion process, long mixing and dispersion time and large energy consumption

2. The mixing efficiency is low, the shear force is weak, the energy input is uneven, the size distribution of the slurry is wide, and the product quality is unstable

3 electrode powder material is added from the top of the planetary mixer, and the dust is easy to fly and float. More importantly, it is easy to agglomerate when the powder is mixed with the liquid phase

4. The dynamic stiffness and static stiffness of metal parts easy to remain in materials are basically the same as those on the tank cover, tank wall and mixing paddle of the planetary agitator, so it is difficult to clean

5. Air is easy to stay in the dispersion mixing tank, and the generation of bubbles affects the dispersion effect

6. Batch process restricts mass production, the production line occupies a large area of the ground, and the maintenance cost is high

Compared with high price high shear disperser and intermittent planetary stirrer, IKN powder liquid mixer has relative advantages in the mixing of electrode powder materials (solid phase) and solvents (liquid phase) and the uniform dispersion of battery slurry, as shown in:

each experimental machine has its own operating procedures 1 The electrode powder can create more economical and best experimental equipment for users at all levels. The material (solid phase) and solvent (liquid phase) can be humidified, and agglomeration rarely occurs. The mixing efficiency of powder and liquid is very high

2. Continuous dispersion process, high mixing and dispersion efficiency, short time and low energy consumption

3. The fully enclosed dispersion chamber avoids the influence of air introduction on the dispersion effect. The equipment can be cleaned. The cleaning operation is convenient and efficient

4. The fully enclosed decentralized system can work under pressure, the continuous process can achieve mass production, the equipment covers a small area and the maintenance cost is low

5. Fine dispersion energy input can be controlled, resulting in narrow particle size distribution and more stable product quality. (end)

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