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The effect drawing of light color bathroom tiles gives people a sense of freshness, while the effect drawing of dark color bathroom tiles gives people a sense of stability and mystery. Different colors will bring people completely different feelings. The effect of dark bathroom tiles is welcomed by many decorators because it is easier to clean. In this article, we will enjoy some effect pictures of dark bathroom tiles

rendering of dark bathroom tiles

the blue and white mosaic is fresh and clean. Under the reflection of the arched mirror on the wall, it creates a vast and sunny ocean style. Arab culture and Western culture coexist, resulting in Moroccan characteristics with different styles. Exquisite iron lantern and octagonal wooden table inlaid with shells are all representative works

effect drawing of dark bathroom tiles

strong plasticity and rich colors make mosaic the most decorative material that can reflect DIY creativity in home. Generally, the bathroom with large area is suitable for the magnificent mosaic collage pattern. At the same time, mosaic is used to decorate various parts of the room, making the space full of dynamic and three-dimensional feeling. Such as fully covered decorative columns, stairs, corridors, balconies, often become the highlight of home decoration

effect drawing of dark bathroom tiles

set off the fancy pattern of gold and silver two-color collage with white, and contrast the depth to produce a sense of hierarchy. Using the characteristics of metal mosaic when it meets light can increase the dynamic of the line of sight and make the overall space become active

renderings of dark bathroom tiles

the tiles with the essence of Arabic decoration and the mosaic with black brown as the keynote create a sense of sunshine, desert, camels and other things in the heart, giving people a feeling of rough and unconstrained soul and pure and beautiful spirit. Ceramic mosaic is formed by firing and then spraying glaze, which has the advantage of never fading; There are two kinds of glossy surface and matte surface. The matte surface has anti-skid function, and the decoration effect drawing is more suitable for the toilet floor; Smooth mosaic is mostly used for paving the wall

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