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From 2015 to 2016, the national household industry dealer survey and the selection of excellent brands in the aluminum door and window industry, Compaq shisha door and window system passed the test all the way, and finally won the "innovative brand" award with high votes

"go deep into channel terminals and find advantageous brands", sponsored by Huiya information and home hotline, hosted by China Interior Decoration Association and strongly supported by China Construction Expo (Shanghai), the 2015-2016 national survey of dealers in the home furnishing industry and the selection of excellent brands in the aluminum door and window industry were officially launched on December 7, and multiple voting ports on PC and mobile terminals were officially opened to dealers across the country. The 2015-2016 national survey of home furnishing dealers and the award ceremony for the selection of excellent brands in the aluminum door and window industry were grandly held in the conference hall of hall 1 of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 200 guests from aluminum door and window manufacturers, dealers and media friends from all over the country attended the event to witness the birth of six awards in the aluminum door and window industry. Compaq's gauze door and window system passed the test all the way, and finally won the "innovative brand" award with high votes

it is reported that this selection activity lasted a total of 4 months, with 213 brands participating. In the survey poll launched by the home hotline network, more than 4million dealers voted. COMPAQ poetry, which specializes in the development and innovation of screen door and window system and constantly creates a new trend in the development of door industry, deserves the award of "innovative brand"

in line with the business philosophy of "quality is life, innovation is the soul" and the service tenet of "integrity, professionalism and efficiency", Compaq poetry will wholeheartedly provide excellent products and high-quality services for new and old customers. With the increasing internationalization of the Chinese market, Compaq poetry will update its concepts, expand innovation, and continue to provide the best products and perfect services for new and old customers. The "innovative brand" award is well deserved

on March 22-24, 2016, the 11th r+t Asia Asia window and door shading exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a leading procurement platform in the door and window shading industry in the Asia Pacific region, R T Asia has gone through a decade, witnessed the development and progress of China's door and window shading industry, and experienced the ups and downs of the industry with many domestic enterprises. In this process, r+t Asia is also growing, adapting to market development, upgrading and innovation, and maintaining its foreign trade advantages. At the same time, it is actively exploring domestic trade channels to truly build r+t Asia platform into an industry-leading brand trade show

Compaq silk door and window system has won the permission of many exhibition customers through novel and scientific exhibition modeling design and very competitive product exhibition. Since the exhibition for 3 days, the booth of compaq's gauze door and window system has attracted many exhibitors at home and abroad with its unique image design and combined publicity methods. In addition, many high-quality products of Compaq have attracted many exhibitors at home and abroad, and the traffic is dense, which is also very beneficial to the publicity of the brand of compaq's gauze door and window system, and the exhibition plays a good role in promoting the brand of compaq's gauze door and window system

the gauze nets of "compass" gauze door and window products are mainly a series of fiberglass nets (phiferglass) and high-definition perspective stainless steel wire nets seevue imported from American feifo company, while diamond nets are made of national standard stainless steel (316#) high-end materials. The glass fiber mesh (phiferglass) is woven and produced under the most rigorous conditions. The surface has been coated with protective vinyl, which will not produce rust corrosion or stains. It has all passed the 1200 hour QUV accelerated aging test. The product has strong oxidation resistance and is effectively insect and fly resistant; High definition perspective stainless steel wire mesh seevue has excellent ventilation and light transmission effects, and high visual clarity. The black surface antifouling treatment process can effectively prevent oxidation and corrosion, so as to provide a better visual effect, and the wire diameter can be as thin as 0.15mm. This excellent wire diameter weaving process is very rare in China; While the national standard stainless steel (316 #) high-end material diamond mesh, with uniform mesh, standard wire diameter, consistent longitude and latitude bending, beautiful and durable, truly reflects the trinity of protection, mosquito prevention, ventilation and ventilation. Compass' new products have strengthened the craftsmanship, injected innovative technical elements, made them more in line with market demand, and further enhanced the added value and competitiveness of enterprises' products

2016 is a year for the brand construction of compass. Compass constantly adjusts the internal structure and service concept of the enterprise according to the changing needs of the market to create added value for customers. While strengthening the internal construction of the enterprise, we also improve the service. At present, we have been constantly introducing excellent technical and management talents, so that the enterprise can achieve a qualitative leap after its development and expansion






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