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Aries' story: on windy days, there is always your story of me,

at that time, your blank eyes are fixed as eternal memory,

the morning wind blows your melancholy,

Aries' heart is alone and persistent loneliness

white clouds float away in the wind,

who hears the soft call in the wind,

when can Aries' heart stop crying Aries' classic home: wind chimes

pure and kind welcome angels. With her always sweet smile and a string of fresh and sweet ringtones, she welcomes all visitors. The carefully painted and woven colored gold openwork outlines a smart and beautiful posture, elegant and light. She is the most lively spirit in the palace, dancing with the light wind, which makes people particularly fondle it

Taurus' story: whether you are always full of passion

can never leave youth rippling in your heart

even when silent

is just a persistent pursuit of happiness

it's not that you don't believe in love

it's just that you advocate freedom too much

yearn for unrestricted space to exchange Taurus' classic home: clocks

mature and stable Taurus messenger. Like a polite gentleman, he is in charge of etiquette every time, and with his powerful voice, he always reminds visitors not to miss every bit of excellence. The classic golden yellow and black coats reveal an extraordinary aristocratic atmosphere. He was not good at talking, but he kept his promise and guarded the majesty of the palace quietly and carefully





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