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More than four years after the introduction of Shanghai standards, the implementation of air testing for classroom decoration has not been in place.

in late September, the incident of classroom air pollution in Yu'an primary school (New Campus) in Chongming County, Shanghai causing some students to feel unwell caused all parties' attention. Although the acceptance and testing unit claimed that the decoration completion results reached the standard, the reporter found that the standard was based on the loose "old standard", rather than the "new standard" in the requirements formulated by five departments including Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2011

the reporter learned from Shanghai indoor environment purification industry association that the association will require indoor environment testing units in the industry to implement more stringent indoor air quality standards (gb/t-18883-2002) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Municipal Education Department. However, such a standard related to the health of many teachers and students obviously cannot be promoted and supervised only by the appeal of an industry association

there is a great difference between the two standards

according to the indoor ambient air quality inspection report on the completion acceptance of Yu'an primary school project published by relevant units, the acceptance and inspection unit of Yu'an primary school (New Campus) carries out the concentration inspection of indoor environmental pollutants in accordance with the standard of code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering (gb50325-2010), and comes to the conclusion that "after testing, the results meet the requirements of class I civil building engineering". The problem is that the gb50325-2010 standard issued by the Ministry of construction is the index value of indoor environmental pollution control of buildings that the construction unit must comply with when delivering to the owner after the completion of new and reconstructed buildings. The air quality after the house is decorated and moved into furniture should be tested in accordance with the indoor air quality standard (gb/t-18883-2002) issued by the Ministry of health and the State Environmental Protection Administration

in contrast, GB50325 standard is looser than gb/t-18883 standard. For example, the former requires ventilation before testing, and then only close the doors and windows for 1 hour to test; The latter requires that the doors and windows be closed 12 hours later. Therefore, it often happens that the concentration of some pollutants does not exceed the standard measured by GB50325, but exceeds the standard detected by gb/t-18883

the implementation of the new regulations is not in place

in this regard, the Municipal Education Commission, the municipal health and other five departments have also made special provisions in relevant documents. The reporter found a "Hu Jiao Wei Ti (2011) No. 22" requirements for the establishment and construction of sanitation facilities in primary and secondary schools in Shanghai, formulated by five departments including the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The sixth point of Article 1 clearly stipulates: "before the newly decorated classrooms are put into use, indoor air testing should be carried out, and they can be put into use only when they meet the" indoor air quality standard "(gb/t-18883-2002), and ventilation should be maintained during use."

Shanghai indoor environment purification industry association said that the facts showed that it was not enough to open newly decorated classrooms to students only after passing the test according to GB50325 standard; The education department and the health department stipulated that newly decorated classrooms should meet the indoor air quality standard before they can be put into use, and there was a lack of supervision and professional knowledge education in the implementation process

three suggestions for comprehensive management

the municipal indoor environment purification industry association revealed that in the near future, indoor environment testing units in the industry will be required to test the air quality of newly decorated classrooms in accordance with the indoor air quality standard (gb/t18883-2002)

at the same time, the Association put forward several suggestions to the administrative department of Education: first, when reviewing the construction schedule of school engineering projects, the relevant departments should reserve enough time for classroom air detection and treatment before starting school; Second, it should be mandatory that newly decorated classrooms must be tested in accordance with the "indoor air quality standard"; Third, after the classroom air quality test is unqualified, comprehensive treatment methods should be adopted to improve the classroom air quality




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