Andy Maciver- Tories must say yes to second indyre

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Andy Maciver: Tories must say yes to second indyref if Scots vote for one - Today News Post Today News || UK News

ELECTION week is a dismal time to try to persuade politicians to be rational, but once more unto the breach I go. In two daysThe Moderna vaccine, Scotland goes to the polls in what few dispute is the most important election of the devolved era.

The election is about one thing: independence, and specifically whether or not there should be another referendum on the matter. The two main parties, in a strategy which one of them will likely live to regret, have made it the central, effectively singleOntario ICUs have 593 patients with COVID-related illnesses, issue at stake. That strategy makes it ever more difficult to dispute the legitimacy of the result.

I challenge you, readers, to find anyone who doesn’t understand that a vote for the SNP, the Greens or Alba is a vote for a second referendum, and a vote for the ToriesThe government earlier i, Labour or the Lib Dems is a vote against one. The indisputable clarity on this, which was not present in 2016, is with us now.

For this reason, in the event of a pro-referendum majority later this week, the UK Government must grant the Scottish Government another independence referendum.

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